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Tune Of The Moment: Bloc Party – Flux


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  1. this reminds me of the block busters theme tune.. dunno why tho? maybe block party? hmmm fuck knows. better youtube block busters theme i think.

  2. Could you guys pls stop to mention power rangers? There were alot of japanese thrash movies in the time of the cold war where big good giants fought against big evil monsters. I bet this video is a tribute to these old charming trash movies and not to silly power rangers.

    It´s a great song by the way. Bloc Party rocks.

  3. Whoa, I was just listening to the song, not watching the video, hit the wrong tab and saw it at 2:28.. I was taken aback to say the least haha, this videos crazy as hell

  4. Have you checked out Kele’s latest interview for The Creators Project? It’s awesome.
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  5. @DiCkRiChArDz I didn’t think the whole singing was auto tuned. Some of his singing sounds like it is modulated and has a slight pitch bend… but if you compare this to artists like T-Pain who uses auto tune full wack you can hear a blantent difference

  6. @GUnitSeanAKAmong Depression ahead, stocks are heading back down, fed being pessimistic about growth. This is about to suck big ass bro we’ll have some decent music to help us get threw it though…

  7. @SafariZones not to be rude er anything most of the videos have something too say ther not random if you look at it from their point of view but i agree mercury is pretty random

  8. @jacksonmortka there’s nothing to brag about joining the pheonix and coldplay team, im not playing any music ;). just stating i left bloc party and the reasons why: phoenix and coldplay didnt bore me and bloc party did. havnt listened to there stuff in years now though. anything good and relatively new?

  9. i would say „no comment…“ but that would be a comment, thus defeating the purpose but also getting the point across of my thoughts on this music video.

    But at any rate,

    no comment…

  10. @sebe152 first of all its electronica what the hell do you expect. secondly ive heard these guys in concert a few times and the singer actually sounds like this, so i think you would be surprised by how little autotuning there is involved here. good tune i like.

  11. Had this song in my head all the time, when I was skiing the last time, great! Made me want to go faster and faster and fited perfectly into the beautiful mountainscenery….oooooohhhh, goosebumps!

  12. @regulus205 yeah unfortunitly they aint as big as they should be but thats a good thing….keeps em away from becomin mainstream…Check out some reading 08 live….epic concert ever

  13. @KennyPeace1 Yeah, little smaller than Ultra Man.
    After watching the video of the live you said, I thought that most of the Japanese bands are just showing theirself cool. Really boring.

  14. @AtTheDitch Rofl, lady gaga, so ur a 9 year old then?
    really dont diss tha 12 year olds, any 12 year old that comes on this video is so bloody cool.
    P.S i saw these guys at glastobury festival, hey wer amazing!
    P.P.S Im 12 yay!!

  15. Can we stop with the thumbs down jokes? Seriously, it’s not funny anymore, same formula every time.

    Let A = Number of thumbs down
    Let B = Random quote from video
    Let C = SIXTY THUMBS UP!!!

  16. Can we stop with the thumbs down jokes? Seriously, it’s not funny anymore, same formula every time.

    A + B = C

    Let A = Number of thumbs down
    Let B = Random quote from video
    Let C = SIXTY THUMBS UP!!!

  17. 瑤瑤RAP真令人傻眼………… 跟妮可差好多 不過瑤瑤的努力總比 賣豆花的 和一堆自稱XX女神的好多了吧 因為瑤瑤的翻唱說不定會讓更多人 知道KARA 使KARA的人氣上升 總要往好處想 翻都翻了 也不能改變什麼吧 不要一昧否定別人的努力! 還有筆戰可以停了嗎? 這裡是評論區 不是筆戰區 謝謝 (-___-)

  18. Imagine going to your vacation spot.. when the plane is about to land, and this song comes on when you see how glorious your vacation spot really is…. thats what this song does.

  19. @NPshuffler i was tryin to remember what this song was called yesterday! and i was like the video is like power rangers to my mate she was like i have to fucking idea what your on about 🙂 i miss the old school power rangers 🙁 take me bak to the 90’s 🙁

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