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Saosin – Voices (Live Acoustic @ 97x Greenroom)


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  1. I actually really like Saosin and also Coves Voice…but very often when i see live videos of them, it sounds like Cove is pushing and trying too hard…
    It doesnt sound like he feels comfortable while singing, it sounds like his vocal chords are under too much pressure.

  2. all the bitches complaining, as if you could any better. i dare you replace cove now that he’s gone. can’t?

    stop comparing cove to anthony. people really do love backing these bitching whining vocalists don’t they. *hint* johnny craig

  3. @xilucasx It was really funny to watch him trying to sing the high part. I could see in his facial expressions that he really didn’t want to sing it at the end.

    But yes I give him KUDOS for actually singing it to the best of his ability, that pitch is really hard for any man to reach 🙂

  4. Well…The ending of this song is extremely high and really hard to sing because of the certain pitches. I give him thumbs up for trying to sing that part high instead of dropping down an octave like most people would do on top of singing the parts leading up to the ending.
    I really like the singer, but i think he could work on gaining a purer tone with his voice, to get away with the raspyness.
    Over all…Good.

  5. It’s not a shriek of terror, It’s a style, unfortunately, it’s out of place. He did that on purpose, You don’t make sounds like that when you can’t reach a note. when you can’t reach a note… it doesn’t make a sound, or your voice pops, he clearly hit the note. but regardless, i hate cove. Go anthony green.

  6. ive watched this video like 20 times this past week.. i love the song i think for this one, yah it might b better if not acoustic, u can tell cove needs space n needs to move around when singing how he does in this song.. either way, cove at the end of this song is amazingly sexy especially in this vid.

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  8. Cove Reber has done a good job in replacing Anthony Green. You guys should get the idea that Cove is an integral part of Saosin now and Anthony has moved to Circa Survive. No point in arguing whether Cove or Anthony is better. Besides, I don’t think „Voices“ would make a good acoustic version, mayb „You’re not alone“ is better though (=

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