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Groovy Dancing Girl


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  1. @zeakins Finally, someone gets it. Right on.

    I always hated it when people asked me to „teach“ them how to dance. Or told me „hey, check out this move i leanred“.

  2. You guys really don’t get it? Why do you think the frame rate varies so much? The cameraman has a seventy year old hand crank camera? The dancing is supposed to be kind of random. It’s edited to the music, Brandy Toaster is showing of some serious editing skills. Though, I might want to warn you that the (c)bt2008 in the corner reads a bit like a BDSM thing (CBT, look it up if you’re feeling brave).

  3. Baffledking, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. This video has nothing to do with BDSM. How do you know who the cameraman is (if there is one), and what kind of camera he/she is using. Secondly, have you considered that „(c)bt2008“ could stand for „copyright, bandytoaster, 2008.“ Nice try though, trying to get psychological on this girl; cognitive behavioral therapy, HAH. She is a great dancer, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. i luv that u dont have to dress outgoing just to dance th way you do(not that you dance horribly, i luv watching you dance!!!) i also luv ur style of dancing too! the fact that you make up your moves and not copy at all!!!

  5. At first: I´m gay. But: love woman with red hair and white skin. And she can move. dam. Congratulations.!!! Nice rythms, nice lady, best video is Dancing girl 3, you see the moves very good, green trousers (perfect), jamiroquai hat (fantastic) 🙂

  6. Oh noes! You’ve stopped dancing to good music. Also I love how if it’s a female dancing they always have to title it that way ‚Groovy Dancing Girl‘. Where if it was a male he would never ‚Groovy Dancing Boy‘. It would be just ‚Groovy Dancing‘ most likely cause if he put ‚Groovy Dancing Boy‘ that would be retarded.

  7. Awesome hat in every vid. =w=
    Love the dancing, the expression is wonderful and the music of choice for your vids I like a lot. Especially this song. I don’t understand why 284+ people don’t like it. /=

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