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The Beloved – Deliver me


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  1. @esco42085 Think you`ll find Its hip hop that dominates the airwaves these days,aggressiveness and hatred are low vibrational states,be careful what you listen too!

  2. @nibiru438 funny how someone like me who likes music a little more hard core and aggressive like hip hop and hard rock thinks that all the airtime goes to love songs instead of songs with rawer emotions like aggressiveness and hatred.

    in the eye of the beholder i guess.

  3. i first heard this song by david crowder, and then i heard sarah brightman do it. i couldn’t like her version, no matter how hard i tried, but i liked this one. Crowder still does the best version though.

  4. this is certainly the best version of this song and a brilliant video. somehow i don’t manage to enjoy sarah brightman’s interpretation … too sugary, too fairy-like for my taste.

  5. Why is it so that some of the best songs hardly ever get airtime,is it because they speak about love instead of hatred and aggression! Love is the only truth everything else is just an illusion!

  6. Did you know this is the ORIGINAL version written by Jon Marsh from the band „The beloved“ and thanks to him you have all this bunch of other artists making their own covers included Sarah Brightman??…

  7. The film is Brokedown Palace and on the soundtrack it says performed by Sarah Brightman written by Jon and Helena Marsh (The Beloved) have to say after hearing all 3. Sarah’s is the best and I’ve liked the Beloved since „Sun Rising“

  8. Yes I agree on 100%… Worldbeat and New age’s version is more better.

    I remember that song „Deliver Me“ by Sarah Brightman was used in ending American movie about 2 girls in Thailand, where they were arrested (innocent) because destination police had found some drugs in their bags.

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