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Veronica Mars – Different Stars


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  1. yeah, same thing happened to me. actually there is another song on that soundtrack that I really like but I haven’t been able to figure out who it is.Oh well, at least I have trespassers williams, they’re great.

  2. I never saw Veronica Mars, but it looks good. It ends abruptly?? Did it get cancelled and they just cut it off?? Cause that would SUCK, and I’m not sure if i’d want to get emotionally invested in it then. god knows it was hard enough for me when Buffy ended. *sigh* Trespassers William kicks ARSE! I LOVE them, always have.

  3. I heard this song first in A Love Song For Bobby Long. There’s no one that I really think of when I hear these lyrics but maybe thats a good thing. It’s the music that really caught my attention but the lyrics are really good, just can’t say they’re totally relatable unless you felt that way for someone

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