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Equalibrum – Time Management (Akai Mpd24 Beat)


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  1. I’m new to this whole process of making beats. 5* for this video though. I want to put my cash to use and buy me one haha.
    Btw what’s the process to getting samples off ‚anything; youtube songs etc‘ any other equipment needed or it’s all done based on the hard drive disc thing.
    LMK hah.
    Aight keep your producing up yo.

  2. i saw this vid 2 years ago when it probly had 100 veiws and it look at it now… your up there with the best of em in terms of production man, keep doin it
    im gonna dust off my sample pad and bump some beats today

  3. Hey does anyone know the best software / sounds packs to use with this. i have stylus and a bunch of akai packs i want to convert. if anyone has used this extensively and has the magic 411 so i don’t waste my time that would be great.

    WHATS THE DEALIO Ya’all ??

  4. oh shit watch out dj shadow and massive attack!!!!!!!!!!!! dude i love this ive been makin hip hop on my mpc 4 years now but im so much more into this type stuff now this shit as str8 up amazing u should check out BENT, weekend players massive attack tricky, UNKLE alan braxe washed out crustation all those groups should inspire u cause its similar to what u do peace!

  5. i listened to ur beat tape and u have a song called purgatory that is SO BOMB SO DANK OMG lol i would just like to know what did u do to make that beat is that straight sample or did u tweak sum things i make beats my self i use a maschine and mpd 32 PLEASE ur secret i need ro know it what do u do in preperation for a beat

  6. Never gets old. I remember watching this when it had less than 100,000 views, now its close to 1 million… Reminds me of „Fifty Days of Sword Practice“ by Moongod Allah… Amazing.

  7. I think you are the best beatmaker I have ever heard, and nobody has ever displaced the title from Dr. Dre in my life before. It’s taken four years of listening to it for me to realize this is either the first or second best beat I’ve ever heard in my life, and I can’t find hide nor hair of the other guy anymore „Merge’s Funky Beats“.

    I would consider it an honor to write over this beat or collab with you. Message me up. I can’t pay right now, but if I ever could I’d pay you, royalties…

  8. @CardboardBox1334 : I think I did too, man. I caught this right at the beginning in 2007 around May or June and I hope to God I gave Equalibrium props. If so it’s honor, otherwise it’s shame. This is one of the best beats that I have heard or will hear in my life, I guarantee it.

  9. @MoonsOverTheWell – Without a doubt. Anytime I’m asked to name my favorite beats I include „Flawless Crowns,“ „Love Sick pt. 3,“ „Global Politics,“ „T.R.O.Y.“ etc. songs that a good number of people have heard of.. then I find I cannot call the list complete without this song. A good beat should be able to stand alone as its own song w/o lyrics and, in my opinion, should be able to create images in listeners‘ minds. So many images run through my head when I hear this. -And rhymes too of course.

  10. awesome beat. i got some new beats of my own and would love to get some views goin and a lil feedback as well if anyone would like to take a peek. it would be greatly appreciated.

  11. could you post the name of the looping vst you used in the other vid? i use ableton but would love to see what this looping vst can do. you seem to have a good handle of it.

  12. yo man this instrumental is sick. the change ups, the subtle samples, the piano riffs, the breakdowns. i find myself going back on youtube to this page to hear this trackalso the voice sample where the man is discussing time management fits in perfectly with the mood of the song. i have been upset b4 and when i put this on after a day of chaos, i can feel the stress just melt away. and as a musician its very motivating. i just got an akai mpc last year. if u sell albums ill buy one! peace. PBE

  13. „I’m going to start posting monthly vids and tutorials when this video hits 1,000,000 plays. Show your friends!“
    ? where is the tutorials and video´s

  14. „and this video still magically gets tons of regular plays..It blows my mind because I really don’t think its THAT good haha..“

    You’re so wrong. It’s THAT good 😀

  15. @joannabax Not sure what software you are using, but you can sidechain the kick to particular elements of the song if you set up your mpd with multi-outs and bus everything properly.

  16. nice track man, i produce myself and can appreciate good music. amazed you reach 1mill views. funny how sometimes a mediocre track to the artist can be the most popular haha, all about luck and timing i guess… if you want, feel free to check out my beat making vids.. ill go peep your other track. pc!

  17. classic. perfect placement on samples. i was capivated by this in seconds. it also inspired me to hop on my MPC instantly. keep it up. ive shown hella heads this.
    its got a great blend of tranced out hip hop that can send one to the astral plane.
    so u got an album with this that your selling?
    cause id buy it in a heartbeat. if u got time let me know. peace

  18. @hoppper26 my english is bad.
    this thing comes with a software, where intruments are included(?)^^
    many people sayin, that the guide is very easy to unterstand.
    hope i could help you

  19. Hey man! Ever since I saw this video I fell in love with the MPD24 and bought one a year ago. I have one question though, how are you doing the scratching effects with the faders? Have you got a scratching sound input into the pads and the fader acts as a pitch changer? or am I way off! lol Great tune!

  20. @KwyatMan thats correct. I recorded my self on a turntable doing a quick chirp forward. then a quick Chirp backwards..Then the release of the sample…playing out fully. 3 samples go on three pads. FPC’s master pitch is assigned to the slider. Then the pitch bend is set to 12 (one full ocitive)…tap the chirp samples while sliding the pitch…center the pitch when you hit the release sample..

  21. aye @Equalibeats I just found the sample you used, and i just wanted to say dope work man!. I like how you added your own twist to it, you definitely gave the sample a different feel!

  22. @Equalibeats Yo man ill beat, how do you actually import samples and assign them to the pads? i can only figure use the sounds from the software instruments in logic pro, (the program im using)

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