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Equalibrum – Time Management (Akai Mpd24 Beat)


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  1. @Equalibeats Yo man ill beat, how do you actually import samples and assign them to the pads? i can only figure use the sounds from the software instruments in logic pro, (the program im using)

  2. aye @Equalibeats I just found the sample you used, and i just wanted to say dope work man!. I like how you added your own twist to it, you definitely gave the sample a different feel!

  3. @KwyatMan thats correct. I recorded my self on a turntable doing a quick chirp forward. then a quick Chirp backwards..Then the release of the sample…playing out fully. 3 samples go on three pads. FPC’s master pitch is assigned to the slider. Then the pitch bend is set to 12 (one full ocitive)…tap the chirp samples while sliding the pitch…center the pitch when you hit the release sample..

  4. Hey man! Ever since I saw this video I fell in love with the MPD24 and bought one a year ago. I have one question though, how are you doing the scratching effects with the faders? Have you got a scratching sound input into the pads and the fader acts as a pitch changer? or am I way off! lol Great tune!

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