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Echochrome for the PlayStation 3 and PSP (first video)


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  1. @playstation3owns Sure, everything that doesn’t appeal to you is crap.

    And everything you like is great. People who don’t understand that are morons. You are great. We should all listen to your supreme opinion.

    Please tell us how we can live a succesful life, PLEASE!
    *grabs pen and paper*

  2. @jiou510
    M$ will have new titles for the Xbox Kinect. Past games for example MW2 will not be able to be played using the new Kinect

    Buyin the latest vid games and consoles is to expensive for alot of people viewin this vid. You have probably heard alot of ppl writin on FB sayin Microsoft is giving out a bunch of Xbox Kinects Here is the link to their contest page.
    Use this code KINECT53200 on the 2nd page

  3. omfg no itz a dumb as game that make smart people FEEL like they have accomplished sumthing in life, wich theey didnt ur still at home an a saturday niight playing this bull shit, ughhh

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