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Fotos – Star Wars Movies Makeover – Before After Comparison

Fotos – Google+.

Making Scary Noises – H2ophone Demo (waterphone)

Google Partners With MGM To Bring Over 600 Titles To Youtube And Google Play

In the war for online feature film streaming, Google just scored a massive strike, partnering with MGM to bring over 600 full length movies to YouTube and Google Play. They also recently struck a deal with Paramount, putting Google in a strong position against Netflix, the current movie streaming leader. For almost nine decades, MGM…

Roddy Mcdowall’s Home Movies From „Planet Of The Apes“ (1968)

Cüneyt Arkin, Most Turkish Fight Scene Ever!

The Horror Portfolio

Twenty five movies to watch while high

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to take some of the more lively discussion topics and turn them into condensed list-like articles. I hate doing normal top 10 lists and I generally dislike most top 10 (or whatever) lists, but part of my reasoning for doing the daily discussions in the first place was…

80 Movie Titles in Movies