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Google Partners With MGM To Bring Over 600 Titles To Youtube And Google Play

In the war for online feature film streaming, Google just scored a massive strike, partnering with MGM to bring over 600 full length movies to YouTube and Google Play. They also recently struck a deal with Paramount, putting Google in a strong position against Netflix, the current movie streaming leader.

For almost nine decades, MGM has brought hoards of classic movies to the big (and little) screen, and with this latest partnership announced, more than 600 titles from MGM’s back catalogue will be made available to rent on YouTube and Google Play in the US and Canada. This means Google now has MGM, five of the six major studios (don’t hold your breath for Fox) and over ten independent movie studios on board.

This means you’ll be able to enjoy West Side Story, Moonstruck, The Terminator, Robocop, Rain Man, Rocky and hundreds more. MGM will be adding more titles to the existing library in the coming weeks.

Movie fans in the US have been able to rent movies on YouTube since 2010, and last April we announced that the Google-owned video-streaming service was starting to bring the major studios on board, signing deals with the likes of Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Universal, as well as Lionsgate.

YouTube has been rolling out its movie-rental service to other countries in addition to the US and Canada, and the UK was added shortly after Canada last year. It has since added the likes of Japan and France too.


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