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Chinese IPhone 5S – Goophone Hands-on

iPhone Incompletely Syncing Gmail Contacts

After resetting my iPhone and upgrading to iOS 6.1 and then restoring an iCloud backup the default Gmail Contacts group „My Contacts“ was not synced completely. I only had about 50 out of my 200 from the gmail default „my contacts“ group. I was pretty scared, but finally found a way how to fix that….

5 Worst Typos Of History

How To Disable/ Manage Push Notifications for „Favorite Friends“ on The IPhone

When using the „star“ function in facebook to mark a friend as a close feriend or favorite you will receive any update as a push notification via the facebook app on your IPhone. This is really annoying since the facebook settings for push notification within the settings app do not work anymore and are not…

iTunes Error 1611 – Restore Fail – Solution

If you run into error 1611 while restoring one of your iDevices, simply change the used USB port, or the connection cable. Don’t be afraid usually it is not what apple claims – „a hardware issue“. Some USB ports, such as those attached to lcd screens may not deliver enough power, or they are simply…

iPhone Games in Real Life

Siri Proxy Demo On iPhone 4S

Siri on the iPhone 3GS