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Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation

Via Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation.

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  1. I think I’m becoming obsessed with „critters acting like people“ videos…
    probably should stop but can’t stop. Can’t stop.

  2. 1:50 „I had a long day honey, 1st Susan asked me out to lunch, then I found
    out she invited Rebecca, and Susan knows I hate Rebecca, so now I look like
    a bitch, aww man camera time’s over?“

  3. OMG I couldn’t stop laughing. Started with the first cat and continued all
    the way through. Great video!

  4. Human acts like cat, well that’s not good enough. Cat acts like human
    though, that’s what it’s all about! Ya!

  5. +DexterityBonus You need to make such videos of Sherlock and Watson, it
    would make for some great non-content 🙂 .
    Right, +wowcrendor ?

  6. The cat at 2:01 just wants its face petted and the jerks are just shaking
    its leg. If a cat presents a paw it either wants it’s face petted, wants
    your food, wants to held (on you), more treats, more catnip, or something
    other than shaking it’s leg.

  7. tonight’s question is name three facts about a dog and here’s a little
    video with it for entertainment thank people for tthis video

  8. I’ve watched this few weeks ago and this music haunts me everyday since,
    what is its title and performer ? I think I’ve heard it somewhere else, or
    I’m going crazy now

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