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Battlefield 4: Veteran Program Details + Dragon’s Teeth Release Update! | BF4 News

In this video, I go over the veteran program and talk about what it is. Also I talk briefly about Dragon’s Teeth and when we can expect to see it come out. Thank you for watching and supporting the video – leave all your thoughts about the Veteran Program and Dragon’s Teeth down in the comments!

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  1. I have BF 1942, BF2, Battlefield Bad Company, Bad Company 2, Battlefield
    1943, Battlefield 3(On PS3 and PC), Battlefield Play4Free, and Battlefield
    4. I should be set! (I better be DICE)

  2. Im a battlefield fan but If the info on this video is accurate this veteran
    program feels like a rip-off to me.I hate to be soo negative, especially
    when it seems like complaining has become a pastime for a lot of spoiled
    gamers. But If bought Bf4 premium I feel like I should be entitled for all
    the content that will be coming to BF4. I mean isn’t that the point of
    premium, Being given exclusive content only available to premium members.
    Im fine if the rewards are just battlepacks but they should not allow
    exclusive weapons. Im aware that past games like Bad company 2 had
    exclusive guns available only to those who’ve played past bf games but they
    didn’t have premium back then. They were not advertising premium like its
    the ultimate/Complete Battlefield experience in Bad company 2 then giving
    exclusive shit to those who bought or played past games. Why did I buy
    premium for bf4 if their not going to give me the whole experience? Who is
    making these terrible Battlefield choices over there? They are
    systematically destroying the Battlefield community.

  3. Veteran weapons, i hope not. I don’t want to buy every battlefield game for
    a new weapon. I’m premium, i should get it no mather what.

  4. Can I be a veteran on cross platform? I have played bf2, 2142 on pc and bf3
    and bf4 on my ps3. Somehow connecting via origin? 

  5. Switched from 360 to PS4, had to make a new BattleLog, and lost all of my
    BF history. No Veteran packs for me :(

  6. Hopefully this „new“ vet programme will work like it did before so I can
    have my vet 11 status back :D

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