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BattleField 4: I Can Fly A LAV

I like to fly jets and helicopters in BattleField, but I can also fly LAV’s apparently.

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  1. I’m so glad the LAV bounce is still in the game. Was the best glitch in
    BF3, bouncing all the way across Kharg.

  2. If you look on ponylion and stun gravy’s channels you can see that they
    perfected the LAV bounce and countless other stunts 

  3. Why play Battlefield 4 when you can play Battlefield 2? As you said you
    enjoy flying the jets, and Battlefield 2’s jet gameplay is far superior on
    behalf that the Battlefield 4’s maps are much smaller.

  4. In the middle of a fire fight everyone looks up to see a flying lav.all at
    “ WHAT THE $%&$“

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