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LG Ultra HD Tv Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [Meteor Explodes]

Via ▶ Lg Ultra Hd Tv Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [meteor Explodes].

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  1. Cruel ?!! Mas vamos combinar engraçado…..ninguem acredita que pode
    acontecer de verdade e fazem piada vamos ver vamos ver kkkkk

  2. stop saying that the reaction is fake, they didnt know that they would get
    pranked so they didnt search for clues of something being fake, how fucking
    obvious is that, and if you want to argue then i have one thing to say, do
    you think that you will get pranked thus way if you just go to a job
    interview, no you dont expect it, thats why they thought it was real, geez

  3. They all cannot tell that it is a static screen when they walked in, sit
    down and the buildings outside the ‚window‘ aren’t moving with their eyes
    all along?

  4. Fake haha. Anyone with depth perception (everyone, unless you’re blind),
    would see it’s fake. Great commercial anyway

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