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LG Ultra HD Tv Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [Meteor Explodes]

Via ▶ Lg Ultra Hd Tv Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [meteor Explodes].

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  1. Please don’t feed the troll and ignore it. They are a type of creature that
    feeds off of attention. Most likely a young child that really doesn’t even
    hate black people.

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  3. These are obviously paid actors. Because this would never work, they would
    have to install some kind of advanced eye tracking to give it a proper 3D
    effect. Anyone would be able to spot it as a fake 2D screen immediately.
    The idea is hilarious tho, but not possible.

  4. To all those saying its fake, In the panic of the moment your brain has to
    comprehend what is happening, so it comes up the first reason for the panic

  5. Ok, so we all know this is obviously acting, but how? The image of a
    television is on a flat surface. It gives no frame of reference for the
    person watching it. It’s simply a flat, moving image. When the people got
    closer, the tops of the buildings (relative to their viewpoint) should move
    lower, and the field of view should become wider. If they move a little to
    the right, even a few inches, they would be able to see out the window to
    the left a lot more. The human brain would immediately recognize this
    “window” as unnaturaly and would attract the person’s attention to it. None
    of this happens, and LG should feel ashamed for even trying. To release
    fake pranks as a marketing scheme is one of the lowest forms of marketing
    out there. I love viral marketing, but this is sad and pathetic.

  6. so sad that guy who really REALLY have to find a job, becoming a victim for
    a ULTRA prank and he was being ULTRA mad ._.

  7. You know what would make this prank even better? Saying that they’re now
    dead spirits and having them guided to hell or heaven, because everything
    turned black, when the lights went off they would assume that they don’t
    remember the pain, or when it hit.

  8. Anti-Whites say they’re “anti-racist”. But look at what they push and their
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    Japan has a low birthrate; “anti-racists” don’t tell it to assimilate with
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  9. I find it difficult to believe that anyone paying the slightest amount of
    attention would fall for this. The TV wouldn’t produce the kind of light
    (level or type) that a window would. The image wouldn’t change as you moved
    around. An impact like that would shake the ground at least *some*. I don’t
    know – it’s just completely unbelievable that someone would fall for this.

  10. Unless its has 3D capabilities then I don’t see people are gonna get
    convinced. The moment they walk in they should notice whether or not the
    view in the “window” changes when they get closer to the desk.

  11. That’s awesome but I have my doubts, because you can tell the difference
    between a tv by your peripheral vision no matter how realistic it looks,
    like if you moved your head to the left slightly while looking through a
    window you would see more to the left but with a tv you wouldn’t, it’s hard
    to explain.

  12. It’s clever and obviously fake but if something like that happen to me
    afterwards I’ll pretend to go touch admire how realistic the tv was but
    then smash the hell of it and tell them the f word.

  13. this video got so many likes
    that scares me because that’s how many people aren’t aware of their own
    depth perception

  14. me pongo en lugar del desempleado que va re esperanzado para una
    entrevista, y resulta que todo es una broma.. los cago a piñas.

  15. A half-trained eye would’ve noticed that it’s a flat surface on the way to
    the chair and while sitting.
    Density doesn’t make for a lack of an entire dimension.
    Amusing idea, though.

  16. Secondo me una delle migliori pubblicità #prank #advertising secondo
    me! Fatta benissimo… resta un solo ricordo: il nuovo schermo ultrapiatto
    LG è perfetto!

  17. This actually happened in russia…. Meteors drop to the ground right at
    the mountains. Just lately. And not only russia is gonna be hit. Also
    america in the next future. Nasa is hiding it because america has been a
    bitch and its citizens are still ignorant.. I don’t find this funny…

  18. LOL, great prank! At least the interviewees got the duck and cover
    technique down, but that is for earthquakes, not end-of-world meteors.

  19. This is horrible…. How can you prank people about getting job
    interviews??? Can imagine how they feel realising the interview is not

  20. With the new 5k TVs out 1080P looks like the stone age. This maybe fake
    acting because C’mon your not really sitting up top a 40 level building for
    an interview. BUT THE REALISTIC IS, THESE 5k. The 1080p we were so AHHH
    about is 1920x1080p The 4k is 4096×2160. And the new 2015MODELS are
    5120x2880P. In Long story short terms. 5120 lines across and 2880 lines
    down. You want to watch TV through a TIC Tac To Lens, or watch TV with
    Clear Versa-chi Shades on a Recliner indoor?

  21. Well no shit its fake. For legal reasons it had to be because they could
    get sued if someone got freak out and had a heart attack or what not. If
    its to good to be true it probably is.

  22. Ебаааааааа, вот это круто разыграли!!))))) один из самых мощных пранков)))

  23. Istnieje wiele różnych sposobów, by podczas rozmowy rekrutacyjnej
    sprawdzić umiejętności kandydatów. To, jak radzą sobie ze stresem czy
    nietypowym zadaniem, często decyduje o przyjęciu na stanowisko. Jak Wy
    zachowalibyście się w tej sytuacji? 🙂

  24. No way this is real. Without feeling the tremors and reverbrations, and
    then the extreme impact of the shockwave hitting the building your body
    would instantly know this was fake. Not to mention the fact that the color
    balance, shininess, and lack of infinite definition would give it away to
    anyone familiar with computer graphics.

  25. how are you that gullible?it only worked because Hispanic people are
    gullible. I know because i live with my family!

  26. Plot twist:
    They all get the job.
    They all already got the job.
    The job as actors.
    This shit is fake as fuck.
    I won’t buy these TVs, because they relly on deceptive and fraudulous
    Fuck you tv corporation.

  27. But if it’s fake it’s false advertising. The whole idea of the commercial
    is that the screen is so real that it fools people. Now if you tell the
    audience that it’s a prank and its ability to fool people proves the
    quality of the product then you can’t fake it. If it’s fake they should be
    fined for false advertising.

  28. Can you imagine how they felt when they saw that? They were faced with
    their own mortality, they thought they were going to *DIE* If I were faced
    with deaht, I’d be fucking panicking!

  29. แกล้งแรงไปป่าวววว (เป็นกูกูร้องไห้เลยเนี้ย)

  30. An oldie but a goodie – proof of just how lifelike the picture on an Ultra
    HD television can be, thanks to LG!

  31. fake!.. how do i know? beacause the actors are chilean, and chilean are
    fake and bad actors.
    Plot twist? I bought a SAMSUNG UHD80″ 4K

  32. There are pranks, and then there are cruel pranks. After 9/11 this scenario
    is just too much like bad taste. (Thumbs down from me.) Assuming, as has
    been said, it’s not actually a fake.

  33. so you’re telling me that these people has no DEPTH PERCEPTION? come on..
    one glance at a window/screen you can tell it’s not real

  34. woulda been good if they got some believable actors
    , how anyone thought their reactions were believable …?

  35. Someone please explain to me two things please: 1. Unless there’s some
    serious 3D shit going on here with some depth pixels that haven’t come out
    get how in sweet baby hells name did they think that was a window? 2. If
    the world was “blown up” they were waaaay too calm at the blackout….?

  36. a lot of people are commenting saying this ad was fake. and maybe it was.
    but have any of you ever seen one of those ultra hd tvs playing high def
    content up close and in person. the quality is amazing! much better then
    1080p Hd. im just saying, if they would have pulled this prank on me using
    a certain video quality for the back ground of the city. I can’t honestly
    say that I wouldn’t have fallen for it.

  37. as fake as this prank was..its still way more creative than most of the
    pranks or “social experiments” that get posted. its as if no thought goes
    into making those other prank videos made in the u.s. maybe someone should
    steal this idea and see if they can pull it off on real people.

  38. I have this TV and no it’s not that real. This is either rigged or people
    were too focused on the interview to realise that was a TV.

  39. I wish I was one of the people that got pranked for this. They probably
    feel like a million dollars as soon as they realize the world isn’t over.

  40. don’t buy from LG. tv quality sucks (not the picture but the actual TV) and
    their treatment towards customers sucks.

  41. Wouldn’t they realize its a TV because if they stood up they should be able
    to see lower parts of the city.

  42. Fake haha. Anyone with depth perception (everyone, unless you’re blind),
    would see it’s fake. Great commercial anyway

  43. They all cannot tell that it is a static screen when they walked in, sit
    down and the buildings outside the ‘window’ aren’t moving with their eyes
    all along?

  44. stop saying that the reaction is fake, they didnt know that they would get
    pranked so they didnt search for clues of something being fake, how fucking
    obvious is that, and if you want to argue then i have one thing to say, do
    you think that you will get pranked thus way if you just go to a job
    interview, no you dont expect it, thats why they thought it was real, geez

  45. Cruel ?!! Mas vamos combinar engraçado…..ninguem acredita que pode
    acontecer de verdade e fazem piada vamos ver vamos ver kkkkk

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