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Perpetual Motion Machine – Treadwall

Via ▶ Perpetual Motion Machine – Treadwall.

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  1. they’re pretty pricey; unless you’re rich probably only a fitness gym can
    afford to get this model… google for ‚treadwall climbing‘.

  2. It’s based on your weight. There’s a tension dial to adjust how easily it
    turns. (which is kind of a pain in the neck, as you need to find the right
    spot on the dial so that it turns fast enough so you’re not waiting for it,
    but not too fast that you can’t keep up.

  3. Great for people who want to learn the skill of climbing but are actually
    scared of heights. …If such people exist… They probably do…

  4. You can hear it grinding away. I wouldn’t want to climb on it all the time,
    but I think can be a useful tool for training purposes if your gym has one.

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  7. これ、やってみたい!欲しい!

    Perpetual Motion Machine – Treadwall

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