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Dok Mai: A Compilation Of Cute

Via Dok Mai: A Compilation Of Cute.

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  1. Thanks to +Bounding Over Our Steps for their great compilation of our #cute
    #baby #elephant Dok Mai at +Elephant Nature Park 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Thanks so much for the great description of how they live. I’ve seen shows
    on TV that show the mahouts with the elephants, and how much they love and
    care for them. I feel much better now! These elephants are lucky to live
    where they do, and they’re safe and happy. Thank you to the wonderful
    people who spend their days caring for them. 🙂

  3. The park is basically heaven for elephants, where they wander around all
    day on grass, in the field, in the river, etc, followed by their individual
    mahouts (trainers/attendants) who gently keep them from wandering off and
    getting themselves in trouble. However at certain points they need to be
    contained (when going through hormonal changes during musth, or at night)
    and they do spend certain periods of time in areas such as this- but
    believe me, these are happy, pampered elephants.

  4. Dok Mai was born on April 6, 2013 at Elephant Nature Park, which is north
    of Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can even volunteer there! Check out Save
    Elephant Foundation to book a visit.

  5. Hi petlovergirll, We completely agree. Dok Mai, to keep her safe, will stay
    with her mom in an enclosure for the first couple of months. She has
    already been let out in the afternoons to enjoy mud baths. Soon, she will
    be welcomed into her mother’s herd, and will roam free during the day as
    another member of the family. Elephant Nature Park is home to 35 elephants,
    and it would be quite dangerous to allow a new baby to roam free.

  6. Cute, but I’d have much rather seen video of her romping and playing
    outside int he grass. I sure hope that awful concrete is not her whole
    world. I would think if she had grass, that that’s where the video would’ve
    been shot.

  7. Such a shame these beautiful creatures live in captivity due to scum who
    poach them. I will never know how we allowed this to happen. She is

  8. ThankYou for sharing this! I am in love with DokMai and Navann! and the
    music was fantastic! My pipe dream-to get to go to ENP myself- how

  9. Dok Mai translates to „Queen of the Flowers“. Her mother’s name, Dok Ngern,
    means „Silver Flower“.

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