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Animals Vs Mirrors Compilation

Via Animals Vs Mirrors Compilation.

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  1. I know they’re animals but, even if it wasn’t mirror and those animals that
    jumped actually did jump. What could they possibly expect to happen,
    wouldn’t they hit there head on the other animal anyway?

  2. That first chameleon was so zen. It was like, „let’s be friends. I want a

    And I really wanna understand that cat’s „stop drop and roll“ attack
    method. 3:35

  3. my cat, whenever i bring her to the mirror she just looks at it and walks
    away like „screw this, i’m out.“ XD

  4. My ca isn’t interested in her reflection.She only gets freaked out whe she
    the reflection of a person.Funniest was whenI offered her cat treats and
    she ignored me and begged my reflection in the glass of my kitchen door
    instead lol.

  5. haha I think it is so funny when cats arch their backs and start walking
    all side ways and shit. To funny.

  6. This is the show of lacking self-aware. Humans take ability to use mirror
    for granted, but it is actually a complicate ability.

    In order to use mirror, the animal must understand that they are different
    and must understand what gesture they are making to realize the mirror is
    copying them. Most of animals here attack their reflection because they
    can’t differ their own appearance with different member from their species.

    You might wonder why they interact with others just fine. That’s because
    real animals communicate. Cats can recognize each other through
    communication, the gesture, noise, smell, etc. But the reflection doesn’t.
    The reflection is kind of like a freak.

    They will never try to make use from mirror. They will finally ignore the
    mirror because they understand the reflection can’t hurt them.

    Babies don’t have this ability since birth. When they see themselves in
    mirror for first time, they will confuse and use some time to figure out.
    Most animals, will never figure this out.

    Alright, some animal can figure this out. Some dogs and cats are smart
    enough. Dolphin are always genius. Elephant figure this out. Some bird
    actually use mirror to groom themselves.

    How do we test this? Scientist with stick a harmless sticky tape the
    animals in the place they can’t see. Some animal will use the mirror to
    inspect and may try to remove it.

  7. *Animals and Mirrors Do NOT Get Along!*

    An adorable compilation of small animals of all kinds that just can’t stand
    that wise-guy copycat on the other side of the mirror.

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