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Illumiroom: Peripheral Projected Illusions For Interactive Experiences

Via Illumiroom: Peripheral Projected Illusions For Interactive Experiences.

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  1. As cool as this is, I find it a little irresponsible to market this as a
    potential peripheral for the xbox one. Considering their staff have
    admitted that it will not be economically feasible for the average consumer
    to own one in the next few years („thousands of dollars“), it might be
    giving gamers an unrealistic representation of what is to come with the
    XBo. I want one of these so bad, and when I found that they’re not
    releasing it soon, it made the bad taste in my mouth of the XBO worse.

  2. Via +John Freidenfelds — very cool demo by Microsoft Research. The room
    distortions and game lighting projected into the room are amazing!

  3. Interesting concept from Microsoft.

    What do we think the likelihood of this being included with the next Xbox
    is? What about as a later aftermarket add-on to the console?

  4. I appreciate that they’re actually very honest about what this can and
    can’t do. If they actually do this and make it reasonably priced, you bet
    I’ll get it.

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