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Wringing Out Water On The Iss – For Science! Hd

Via Wringing Out Water On The Iss – For Science! Hd.

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  1. Cool effects of what happens when you wash your hands in space.

    Wringing out Water on the ISS – for Science! HD

  2. Can someone explain how the errant water is dealt with? Presumably its
    either sucked out of the cabin into a system, by a fan, or it clings to
    some of the instruments and panelling and evaporates off. Or is it
    something else?

  3. That is awesome.. I always tried to picture what exactly water looks like
    in space.. its mind blowing!

  4. I always wondered what is would look like if you lit a match on the space
    station? Can you do that? You don’t have to use a match, just any sort of

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