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Nhl Crazy Trick Shots And Stick Skills Hd


NHL players showing off their skill and trick shots ! MUST WATCH! Which was the best? Comment below! REMEMBER TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Alexander Ovechkin Sidney Crosby Shea Weber Pavel Datsyuk Jurco Todd Bertuzzi

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  1. I play hockey you little brat. What kind of hockey do you play? Cheapshot hockey with jacking dudes from behind? Yeah that sounds about right.

  2. Its well known. Plus you can see without any knowledge of video editing that there is something fishy about the videos. all the zooming and panning it looks like its david blane out there instead of crosbaby.

  3. I’m not a fan and I get what you’re saying but, maybe he’s just good? I feel like the zooming and panning was just to emphasize his coordination and to get different shots of him doing it.

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  5. Datsyuk is the best player in the NHL, it sucks that Wings suck this year. Pavel really deserves a Cup that he earns.

  6. … On a darker note, 22 Russian dolls were mercilessly slaughtered on Saturday by Alex Ovechkin, the worst hockey player related act of terror since Patrick Kane beat the crap out of that Chicago taxi driver…

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