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Football And Soccer Best Skills – Tricks 2012-2013


Football Skills 2010-2011-2012(some of them are from season 2011-2012) Edited by: Vahan Jan Produced by: ngasparyan7 Song: Clubbed to death – Matrix soundtrack Hope you enjoy 😉 Vahan Jan Production 2011 ©

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  3. thats what i thought but im not 100% sure tbh…, You see pazzini last night? 😛 , Puyol honestly couldn’t handle him at all 2nd half

  4. Yeah hard to say as you can’t really see his face.

    Haha yeah he was awesome! 😛 Almost scored with that acrobatic shot. Puyol came worse off after their clash lol. Fantastic performance from the whole team xD

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