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Tennis Trick Shots By The Courooons – First In 2013!


The first one in 2013 is ready! This time just Tennis Trick Shots in Hamburg produced by The Courooons. We have done a lot of nice Tricks with the extra of the Roger Federer bottle shot! We hope you like it! Please share it with your friends! Music Info: Artist: Dizzee Rascal feat. Armand Helden Title: &;Bonkers&; iTunes Link: itunes.apple We love making these videos for you guys! Doesn´t matter if Tennis Players or not! If you enjoy them, we hope youll so you wont miss whats next! Sub here: YoutubeTheCourooons The Courooons Page: TheCourooons The Courooons Twitter Page: TwitterTheCourooons The Courooons Website: The-Courooons Everythings is filmed with: Panasonic Camcorders Thank you! The Courooons Boys MediaPress Inquiries – Management@The-Courooons Presse@The-Courooons For online use, you may embed this YouTube video only. No other embedded players are permissible. © Copyright 2013 The Courooons

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