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Tennis Trick Shots By The Courooons – First In 2013!


The first one in 2013 is ready! This time just Tennis Trick Shots in Hamburg produced by The Courooons. We have done a lot of nice Tricks with the extra of the Roger Federer bottle shot! We hope you like it! Please share it with your friends! Music Info: Artist: Dizzee Rascal feat. Armand Helden Title: &;Bonkers&; iTunes Link: We love making these videos for you guys! Doesn´t matter if Tennis Players or not! If you enjoy them, we hope youll so you wont miss whats next! Sub here: YoutubeTheCourooons The Courooons Page: TheCourooons The Courooons Twitter Page: TwitterTheCourooons The Courooons Website: The-Courooons Everythings is filmed with: Panasonic Camcorders Thank you! The Courooons Boys MediaPress Inquiries – Management@The-Courooons Presse@The-Courooons For online use, you may embed this YouTube video only. No other embedded players are permissible. © Copyright 2013 The Courooons

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  1. leider siehts immer so aus als würden die das auf den 1. versuch schaffen in wahrheit steckt da aber jede menge zeit, versuche und arbeit drin.

  2. sagt der türkische/polnische/afghanische/sonstwelche spasti der trotzdem in deutschland lebt? sorry, aber da kann man dich nur auslachen 😀

  3. What’s with the headphones? you look like total jabronies – even without them!

    I guess it was to keep your from getting bored after trying the same lame trick shot for 8 hours

  4. Please don’t do fist pumps afterwards. They ruin it. Most of the trick shots are crap and could be done by any club player given enough tries.

  5. The Federer trick is only special because it shows how accurate he is on command, takes him only a couple tries to get it.I wonder how many times it took these fellows……I’d like to see them play a match and catch a ball after a 130 mph serve on their string with no bounce, then toss it into a ball boy’s hand, so he doesn’t have to even move.

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