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► W Motors Lykan Hypercar – First Arabian Supercar


W Motors unveils the Lykan Hypercar at the Qatar Motor Show 2013. The Lycan is provided of a Flat 6 twin-turbo 750 Horsepower (395 kmh 245 mph) and features a holographic display, an ID4 motion dashboard and uniquely designed seats. Adding a touch of modern luxury with the integration of the most refined and luxurious materials both inside and outside, the Lykan comes with gold-stitched interiors, a 247 concierge service and a patented design Cyrus Klepcys watch, that has been dedicated to Lykan owners only. The limited edition Lykan is priced at 3.4 million Dollars making it one of the most exclusive and exquisite cars in the world. ►

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  1. Even if I was a multi-millionaire with money to blow, I wouldn’t be jealous. FYI there are plenty of other established super cars that hold more value than this gimmicky pretender with ridiculous headlights.

  2. btw… wow, trolling much? Are you going to reply to every single person who has a negative opinion of this car? Knock yourself out.

  3. Your negative opinion is not about the car it’s about Arabs.You have demonstrated that you are not aware of the huge contribution Arabian people have made to science,art,medicine and the rest…when was the last time you read a book…or went to the library….knock yourself out 🙂

  4. now everybody wants to make a super car, pagani, koenigsegg, Marrusia and now this, a combination of a LFA and a Aventador from behind, it is way too expensive for what it looks like, and they didnt even showed the interior but it probably wont make much of a difference anyways! as a exotic car lover im sure this car will a dissapointment for all the investors of the Lykan, it does not have history and never will. Just like the De Tomaso car company

  5. I would have liked them to talk about the performance of the car, because that is what a super car is all about, for example, I do not like the way the Bugatti Baron looks like, it looks like a beetle (bug) but because it is the fastest production car in the world, people have paid up to $2.5 Million dollars for it, and with no diamonds, I personally like the looks of this car better than the Bugatti! but please show the performance numbers!

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