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Harlem Shake – How Ridiculous


We just had to make one. Enjoy! Catch up with us on these 2 cool things – : – Twitter: Or you might want to – Grab a T-Shirt: howridiculous – Donate to Compassion Child Survival Project: howridiculous At How Ridiculous we are passionate about seeing children released from poverty in Jesus name. We hope you will get involved and join us in the fight against child poverty! SONG: Baauer – Harlem Shake Buy on iTunes

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  1. Live helplessly, Give ??? — couldnt read the last bit of the T-Shirts at the end 🙁 surely not sefishly?

  2. Ah-HA!!!!! That sounds better, better by far! Thanks – as u can prob tell, Im a brand new subscriber, well; pretty new. That is a good positive motto to have on a T, and even better to live by! Great vids, and amazing shots guys! Regards from NZ, and maybe coming to live in perth soon – really! exciting! 🙂

  3. It’s one of my dreams to do a trick shot video with you guys one day. Was out of the game of trick shots for a while but now back and doing everything I can over here in Arizona to make an impact and start supporting a charity. I’ve seen almost every trick shot group out there and i can’t say i enjoy watching or want to be like any of them more than you guys. You’re honestly a huge inspiration to myself. Love all your work.

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