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Sony PS4 – Discussing the Announcement – No News at All?

PS4 announcement
Okay, now that Sony finally announced the PS4 it is time to look at the specs and game demos provided so far.

Prior to this lets talk a little about the presentation itself and explain some of the major criticism. The good news: A PS4 will come, and the annoncement yesterday was nice looking in a cool location with great visuals and good keynotes.

But what is the core information given by Sony about the PS4?

There will be a PS4 and it will be better.

Yes, this is really shocking news. As you may guessed this is ridiculous. Okay the PS4 controller will have a share button. Wow. Yeah, and it will have a light bar and a touch pad as well. Okay. But the point it it still looks like the basic well known PS controller. Although I did not expect much change there (and I am even glad there is none), this news for itself is not sufficient for a prominent announcement presentation besides the very basic information that there will be a PS4 at all.

What else was there?

In short: Nothing but a few demos and some pics of the prior mentioned controller.  Ya, ok some specs as well. The PS4 will have an AMD whatever processor and 8 gigs of RAM. Those details might sound nice now, but I am not even very impressed by them. And you have to take into consideration: Official PS4 release is supposedly in late 2013 right before christmas. So what do the specs tell us? Basically nothing. Late 2013 is almost one year to go. Specs at this point of time can hardly be compared with what will be top notch in December.

Im afraid the PS4 might be outdated the day it comes to market although I really don’t hope so because I am really looking forward to ditch my PC for gaming 🙂

Where is the PS4 console itself?

It was not shown at the presentation which is really disappointing, but taken into consideration, that Sony planned the release for so much later this year I can even understand. If we now all knew the new look and maybe found it amazing, we might have gotten so much used to it, so that in december it would not be much of a big deal anymore.


The new PS4 will be cool – no question – but Sony did not a very good job announcing it to the market by disappointing interested fans and folks: No console was shown, no big innovations were implemented. All seems just like a simple follow up to state of the art gaming technology.

Maybe it’s too early to judge and conclude, but thats not our fault. It’s Sonys bad to announce the PS4 in such an early production stage. I even doubt the already have a finished design for the console yet (If you closely inspect the pictures leaked closely before the conference, you see that the thing the controller is atached is still an ugly, bulky box)


Nonetheless take a look at some demos, enjoy and judge for yourself.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 – PlayStation Meeting Gameplay Demo

Watch Dogs – Gameplay Demo


PS3 Version:

This seems to be aweseome. Looks like a TV show. Check out those explosions and things you can do like controll the traffic lights etc. Movement and animation is nice as well. Anyways the resolution in this Watch Dog demo seems to be less than 720p, maybe it’s just the video… I Hope so 🙂

Destiny PlayStation 4 Official Announcement



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