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Windows 8 Tips And Tricks


In this video, I am showing you two tips I have found whilst using Windows 8 as my primary Operating System. I have now installed Windows 7 as a dual boot, but will still be using Windows 8 on a regular basis for updates and new tips. Stay tuned Subscribe Twitter itsJoeClark Check out our new comedy channel youtube Thank you

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  1. I don’t even have any start button in the corner. THIS IS the newly released(29th of February 2012 roughly)and basically it doesn’t have any start button In the corner it is just a blank block (like the one at the left of the toolbar for showdesktop)and if you hover over it a black square pops up with start on it and preview of your metro. I have touchscreen laptop so I dont want to deactivate metro BUT I WAS WONDERING IF NOW THERES A NEW VERSION OF WINDOWS COULD YOU DO TUTORIAL OR UPDATES ON IT

  2. Actually, the version on this video is the Developer Preview, the one you’re using is the Consumer Preview, which is the latest one. They’re both sort of "beta". And to be honest, there’s nothing different between these two versions other than the Start button, that is absent in the Consumer Preview, and now you have some Metro background themes/colors to choose for personalization. Of course there are more changes, but nothing too big.

  3. I don’t see the RPEnabled in that Registry… I am On the Win8 Pro version… Got is from microsoft academy site xD

  4. because microsoft completly remove that reg, even if you manualy add this reg nothing happen…
    another change in RT is that they remove nice graphic close button on window, now it has just ugly flat red rectangle… damn.. they are mad in microsoft…

  5. Hey there, want to get windows 8 pro with activation + bonuses + manuals + softwares for free?

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