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Windows 8 Tips n Tricks – Add Power Shortcuts To The Start Screen


This series features tips to make the most out of windows 8, enable hidden features and more In this episode you will learn how to add power shortcuts to the start screen in windows 8. Youll learn how to add shortcuts for Shutdown, sleep, hibernate, restart, lock PC and log off. You can also add a shortcut to abort a shutdown, restart etc. More shutdown options q.gs CopyPaste ——————- You can copy paste the commands used in the video instead of typing them q.gs this also includes the path used for the icons All episodes ———————— -How to enable hibernate q.gs -Add a start button to your taskbar q.gs –How to add power shortcuts for shutdown, sleep etc to the start screen q.gs -Get the old Start Menu back q.gs -Changing the display language q.gs -Get windows media center for free Legal q.gs -Learn the new keyboard shortcuts COMING SOON -…leave your suggestions in the comments Series playlist q.gs Related ————– How to fix the Windows 8 RTM Enterprise N leak Download links q.gs How to installenable language packs in Windows 8 RTM downloads q.gs What you need to know about Windows 8 series q.gs Windows 8 App Review series q.gs Thanks to —————– Paul Thurrott q.gs MDL forums q.gs Winuleaked.info q.gs BetaArchive q.gs quotRapid arcquotintro and quotThe art of gardensquotcredits by Dan-O – q.gs quotB-rollquot and quotEasy Jamquot by Kevin MacLeod – q.gs all Licensed under Creative Commons quotAttribution 3.0quot

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