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Windows 8 Tips n Tricks – Get The Old Start Menu Back


This series features tips to make the most out of windows 8, enable hidden features and more In this episode you will learn how to get the old start menufrom Windows 7 back in windows 8. This video gives a comparison of 3 well known tools to do this Start8, Vistart and Classic shell. Links

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  1. How about you just stick with Win7….Because Win8 does NOT bring anything worthwhile. Tiles are soooo…well…90;s…get real M$..your days are numbered.

  2. Hey there, want to get free windows 8 pro with activation and bonuses and manuals?
    Don’t forget to comment! Enjoy!!!

  3. Personally I would go with StartisBack they offer far less expensive than Start8 and gives you "as is" meaning you install and you will never get the metro even if you try to click anywhere the start button.

  4. Yes, it was at the time of making this video as you can see in the video, I don’t know whether it has changed since then since I don’t use any of these tools.
    Let me know if it’s better and I’ll ad an annotation.

  5. How can you stick to windows 7 or 98 when you buy a new laptop?
    Spend another $100-$300 to buy the old windows 7?

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