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Weird Eighties Toys Ashens


Time to delve into the box of odd and slightly disturbing toys and see what surfaces from the eighties… Weve got figures with rotting faces and bodies on their backs, genuinely toxic rubber models designed to stink, maggot infested scalps, tramps with their legs wide open and old ladies who split in half to reveal giant tongues. Whats not to like Twitter – Extra Videos – youtube Facebook – Web – ashens

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  1. Pathetic – Arousing pity, esp. through vulnerability or sadness

    I don’t find myself to be any of these things. Ashens fans seem to like chef excellence! Use words propperly, no need to pity me… unless I can exchange your pity for money!

  2. I don’t know how much more pathetic you can get, you watch my little pony and are advertising on a youtube comment page.

  3. hey ashens fans! Check out M4y0rM4r3’s profile on redbubble to buy some chef excellence stuff! Iphone cases, ipad cases, and shirts, cards and posters!

  4. i subscribe to anyone with dashie as they’re profile and yada yada yada….so you are getting subscribed to…

  5. Oh really? I had, or should I say still have, one that reeks of garlic when you squeeze his head. Still have the container he’s supposed to be kept in so it doesn’t go bad.

  6. huh, 2 weeks ago

    So lemme get this straight, people still think Justin Beiber jokes are funny? I’d expect that from maybe a PewDiePie video where everyone is a child, but not an Ashens vid where everyone is a slightly older child. 

  7. The Masters Of The Universe figures dominated the 1980’s. I had SO many of them as a kid .But when the Ninja Turtles came out, I was like "He-Man who?"
    I just recently got back into He-Man and started buying the old figures on eBay. I just ordered Mantenna. I only hope that the Mantenna I ordered looks as good as the one you showed on here.

    I just received Buzz Off and Two Bad, and the legs are loose, and now I’m thinking of reselling them and ordering again.

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