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People Are Amazing – A Montage With Bmx, Snowboard, Parkour, Skateboard, Motocross And Ski Tricks


A montage with some of the awsome, incredible and amazing videos of Bmx, Snowboard, Parkour, Skateboard, Motocross and Ski. Music Lose Control by Wakeout DOWNLOAD THE SONG FREE HERE 4shared Follow us Facebook facebook Twitter twitter MySpace myspace This song is only a demo, recorded only with Garageband on a Mac. All the channels where you can find the clips used in this video not in order Redbull youtube and youtube Cane Armitage youtube Best of 2010 Snowboarding Videos youtube Nitro Snowboards youtube Team Hot Wheels youtube X-Treme Video youtube Woozy Bmx Videos youtube Mutiny Bikes Videos youtube and youtube Metro Skateboarding youtube Travis Pastrana Tricycle Backflip youtube Vans Skateboard Videos youtube Damien Walters youtube

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  1. What was that skateboard trick after the guy did a front flip over all those stairs it wasn’t shaun white?

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