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Incredible RC Helicopter Skills


Added Jul 17 2007 In Entertainment By smeblee 2413.80 Tags rc helicopter skills controll Views 34070 Votes 1 Comments 86 Recommendations 70 URL liveleak

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  1. Lol, there’s a lot of other videos of people doing the same maneuvers with a lot less powerful helicopters. Lol at the fact you think this is almost 5 minutes of perfect CGI.

  2. i just saw this movie with an automated helicopter with an aa-12 shotgun strapped to it, i think this guy would do better! probably have to give him something more accurate or some reinfoced blades so he can cut ther friggin heads clean off hahaha

  3. Mount a cam on that thin and you will definetly get trouble and puke.. this is insane..
    What the f** is in coffe..
    Wonder how many thousands of dollars he has smashed to the ground before he get this good..

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