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People Have Skills Episode 1


Episode 1 of PEOPLE HAVE SKILLS Song by DJ MASA – K-pop Till The World Ends Videos Used Incredible Monster Truck Backflip Most Accurate Bow Shot Ever Polish Commando Fast Reload Razor Scooter Tricks Rodney Mullen Rubixs Cube One-Handed 14.56 Sec World Record Shaun Japan Parkour and Freerunning Street Dance In Paris Unbelievable Freestyle Soccer Tricks HQ Urban Ninja Free Fall Feat – 104 Skydivers Break Record At 15th Attempt Ford Transit Drift Powerslide Freestyle Unicycling – Alexis Blanc Amazing Snowboard Trick Ever Victor King Quest Crew – Studio Session Amazing Card Throwing Crazy BMX Tricks Amazing Skills Amazing Roller Blades Brodie Smith – Frisbee Trick Shot World Record Figure Skating Spin Speed Stacking 6.11 JayFunk Tutting For Monsieur Clay-Doh

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  1. 1:00 FAKE! (100% i know this vid -.-)
    1:25 Fake…
    2:14 obviously fake?
    2:36 still fake. (from the same video at 1:00)

    This video is fail ……

  2. 2:46 fake i watched a vid that showed exactly how they did it (HINT: his legs and snowboard are animated while in the air, and the pop off the jump and the landing are 2 different shots)

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