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Women Drivers Compilation


a bunch of clips put together with some of the worst driving and parking skills

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  1. 1.woman opens door
    2.woman gets in car
    3. woman checks her phone
    4.woman put the ignition on
    5. woman puts car in drive or first gear (stick)
    6. woman puts hand brake down
    7. woman hits accelerator
    8. woman crashes car
    9. woman blames closest man near her
    10.woman gets out of car
    11. woman goes into kitchen
    12.woman is safe

  2. I feel the logic women use to prove they are better at driving is an epic fail. Just b/c they get into less accidents does not mean they are better drivers, it means they are safer drivers. Men are better b/c we have better speed and depth perception, better spacial awareness, and we know the rules of the road better. Those aspects really do count. Why are nearly all professional race car drivers male? To be fair though, woman driver does not equal crappy driver.

  3. yeah except they only have those pillars in europe. we dont have the pillars that come out of the ground to stop traffic anywhere here. so atleast one from over there

  4. Every time I drive and look at my back mirror there’s always someone tailgating me and I ain’t gonna lie most of them are women.

  5. It must be very easy to get drivers license in USA. These women-drivers are absolutely not representable for women here in Europe, especially in Sweden. This of one simple reason. It is very difficult to get drivers license in Sweden both for men and women. Both must be perfect drivers before they get the license.

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