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Top 17 Best PC Games Of The 90s


This is my personal list of the top 17 most awesome 1990s PC games Ive played and continue to play Part two of three of my lists of the very best games of the 80s, 90s and 2000s to grace the screens of the worlds PCs, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer After singling out the worst PC games ever made, the task of tackling the best PC games is now being attended This is 100 subjective and my own opinion, nothing more. Games were chosen on the basis of how awesome the game was and how often I go back and play them. Why 17 Because its an odd number, very odd.

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  1. Hey you mentioned two games that reminded me of torrens passage an amazing game i suggest yourself and viewers to check out this amazing game

  2. Hey i need help finding an old game? I played it on PC sometime between 1995-1997. The storyline was rather simple. You fly a spaceship on a foreign planet that on some levels looked like a rainforests with huge leaves twice the size of your spaceship. During your mission a radio voice would communicate with you and congratulate you when you beat something or got new orders. You could switch between six different guns like rockets, seeking missiles etc. I have no idea what it was called

  3. Yo, Populous the Beginning is a fantastic game. Mechanically a pretty simple RTS, but engaging and full of character, one of Peter Molyneaux’s best. As an early ‚god game‘ it pretty much led straight into the Black & White series. Available on GOG! 😀

  4. I love this video, there are a lot of games I would have picked but that’s not the point. I prefer it when someone surprises me with a few picks I wouldn’t expect, or hadn’t heard of, and that was the case here. Very interesting list and an interestingly arbitrary number :p well done.

  5. Always nice to get a comment like this from someone who "gets it", and doesn’t just get mad about their favorite game not being included on a subjective list. So, thank you 😀

  6. I need help knowing what this game was, its a PC game in the late 90’s. It took place in some underground dark place with dark corridors, and the enemies were metalic like or all metalic robotic. The areas were always dark, it looked like doom but I know it wasnt.

  7. Also this other game, it looked like Halo, but I am sure it wasnt. This game was in the late 90’s, the characters looked similar to Halo. There were these tall pyramids around the area, and my team mates fought these strange creatures that flew or walked. I can see creatures flying overhead as well Your suit allows you to float or hover Everytime I shot at one teammate they killed me.

  8. That reminded me of the Blood tournaments we used to hold in our office a long time ago. Two PCs linked together with a serial cable. Constantly disconnected but when it worked it was a hoot.

  9. i’ve been looking for this one game for quite sometimes not what was the game about but as far i could remmeber the game consist of 3 was yellow,the other one was blue(im not sure)floating robot and the other one was green i think.the game took place at a asylum or hospital(im not sure),a circus and sometimes during the dinosaur ages.does anyone know about this game and what is the title of the game? looking for this for quite sometime now.thanks.(sorry for my bad english)

  10. nice list by the way i would have put the sims in there but thats just me i also think alpha centari is a really great game even better than the simis its sorta like age of empires but better and in space

  11. "one must fall" was one of my favorite games when i was a kid, sadly i had the German copy but i managed to enjoy the hell out of it lol

  12. this list is pathetic!! where is Half Life? Starcraft? Diablo, Monkey Island, Dungeon Keeper, Pro Pinball series?

  13. Awesome games that were quite popular with the mainstream, but that’s not what this list is based on. I chose the games in this list because well, it’s my list. These are my personal favorites, the games that I played & enjoyed the most and still come back to. There are hundreds I could’ve included so I had to narrow it down somehow.

    Simply put, I didn’t enjoy the games you listed as much as I those I included. It doesn’t mean they’re any "worse", it just means I have different tastes than you.

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