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Bbc Nature – David Attenborough – Wonderful World


This short film presents David Attenboroughs unique and beautiful take on natural history highlights on BBC One.

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  1. Save the Earth? That is where human went wrong. You can’t save the Earth, you can only save yourself. If more people realise that their life is at risk then they would do something about it. The Earth is an older and stronger force. When she gets fed up of us, she just wipe us away. So don’t piss her off.

  2. I think the completely random way nature is put together, and has been doing so for billions of years, makes existence of a god unlikely

  3. thats an interesting thing to say…"dont mess up earth" i dont think we can harm earth,
    earth does not know its being polluted, nor does it care, if we nuked EVERY corner of the world it would sit back happy and smile, its OUR compatibility with earth we dont want to screw up.

  4. it’s not random, and the existance of god is almost certain by way of science and mathematics. you cannot prov a negitive, you can only prove a positive.

  5. he is catholic by the way. so is his wife and kids. He based his belief on what einstien said about the possibility of god. he also say’s in his 14th anniversery biography that if he had his way, religion would be another form of science. why did you think he was an atheist (which is a religion, by definition)

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