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Retro Games – RC Pro-AM Nes Ending 3 – Higher Top Speed Demon


Today we are playing through RC Pro-Am, using the SUV and picking up NINTENDO letters. RC Pro-Am is a racing video game developed by UK-based company Rare. It was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System NES by Nintendo at North America in February 1988, and then in Europe on April 15 that year. Presented in an overhead isometric perspective, a single player races a radio-controlled car around a series of tracks. The object of each track is qualify for the next race by finishing in the top three. Players collect items to improve performance, and they must avoid a variety of hazards such as rain puddles and oil slicks. It is one of the first racing games to feature vehicular combat, which they can use missiles and bombs to temporarily disable opposing vehicles. Originally titled Pro Am Racing, RC Pro-Am was also ported to the Sega Mega DriveGenesis in 1992 as Championship Pro-Am, an enhanced remake with enhanced graphics and additional features. Listed by video game reviewers as one of Rares first successful NES titles, RC Pro-Am was well-received for its visuals, sound, gameplay, and enjoyability. The game distanced itself from earlier racing titles by using an ltbgt…ltbgt

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