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Dr. Retro’s Game Reviews Episode I: Girl Zone


Dr. Retros Game Reviews is a new YouTube series in which Dr. Retro (aka Xed XtinctHeD) reviews obscure or are retro video games! Like Dr. Retro on Facebook to stay up to date on all the new videos! Follow me Twitter: Facebook: For more videos, item reviews, a collection tour and my weekly video game find videos check out the channel and subscribe! Are you a videogame collector? Be sure to check out the amazing collectors communities at: http

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  1. I never knew it was harder to collect games in europe! There must be lots of variations (games) for each country/language!

  2. the sound needs some work indeed, but I’ll try to make that better in the next video 🙂 thanks for the feedback!

  3. they did actually sell quite well, most Phoenix titles are easy to find, especially in 2nd hand stores (so they did get sold 1st hand, not just old stock)

  4. Hi Xed, thank you for the great review. I love reviews about obscure games like Girl Zone. By the way, i’m the one with the english Ocean Commander copy. I still was’nt able finding more copys. Maybe another one will pop up after your comments about it in the video? If someone german speaking is interested in my little review about Ocean Commander, i invite them to visit my channel…. The review starts in the second half of "Sprites, Shapes & Co #03"… Best regards, Acrid.

  5. Iets totaal anders – weet jij iets over SoftKey? Ik hb laatst voor een paar euro een vreemde Diablo 1 trainer CD gekocht. Ik heb een lijstje kunnen vinden wat ze gepubliceerd hebben maar deze stond er niet tussen, enig idee?

  6. Nice review, man. I have liked and will watch future reviews. If you get second, I have done a few reviews myself – I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

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