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6th Grader Jared Brown Jr. Hoops Stars Mixtape


Hoop Mixtape of 6th Grader, Jared Brown, playing for the Jr Hoops Travel team. http

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  1. im a 7th grader and I look so much older than these guys..
    he’s pretty good but not much better than some people ive played against

  2. Ok, if yall think this guy is good, there is this indian kid at my school named Jay Sanghavi and he is a boss. Hes so damnn good but indian. Hes 5 foot 5 inches, 6th grade plays point guard for team dedication 8th grade which is down here in baltimore. Just remember his name cause yall probaly be hearin it in 2018.

  3. one thing i can say is scouts is lookn for guys that make it look real easy tht i mean make it simple …u wanna see a prime example look up Teion sales cunningham mix

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