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Metal Guy Teaching You – The Grunt

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  1. sag mal RandomMetalheadGER wo hast du denn jetzt die vids von epica retrospect gepostet??
    Da gibts nirgendwo was zu finden.


  2. actually I don’t have to be around you’re age to know wut u r talking about. I’m 18 and I use to love that show when I was little.

  3. Very good points, „dont overdo it“ is real. Most people dont realize that, the sensitivity on the microphone is turned way up so when they are actually grunting, its just at room volume really, sounds louder cause it through a huge PA. Medically speaking tightening your ab muscles (if you have them) help control air, leaning slightly forward helps the lungs to expand fully in the chest (stomach breathing Vs. chest breathing if you will)

  4. would be boring not to answer. you say if he has some knowledge about death metal voices, he wouldn´t upload videos about it? your talking senseless shit^^ wir schämen uns für DICH! fail!

  5. Actually, the sigh thing helps learning the false chord scream. It helped me alot about a year ago, when I started practicing vocals.

    Ps. I love your videos dude! You rock!

  6. Infidel I have serious question. so im a training opera singer. im fifteen and I want to learn how to death vocals (like grunts). can you explain to me how death metal singers sing and perform grunt abd other death vocals. P.S. You the best:)

  7. durchkämmst du jetzt die weiten der youtube „how to grunt/growl“-videos nur um dich zu beschweren? ^^
    kuck sie doch einfach nicht, falls du deine eigene technik bereits gefunden hast ;D
    junge junge junge…

  8. Ich schäme mich das gerade ein Deutscher (wie ich) so ein Müll schreibt, wenn dir die Videos nicht gefallen dann schau sie doch einfach nicht, du machst dich einfach nur zum Affen …. ( @Infidelamsterdam Ed I totally agree to you )

  9. I read German well enough to know you’re full of shit..
    So not just your English but you are also scheiße…
    Bye now!

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