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Still Searching for Mouse And Keyboard Controls for PS3? Check This: Hori Tactical Assault Commander 3 (PS3) Review

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  1. And u just plug it in no fancy stuff..just a lot of tweaking. And srry for the post spam but don’t get into vehicles…this is good for infantry only fighting…

  2. Also I found I never rele ads (aim down sight) very much with this. And I used my pistol a a lot more aswell…hope this helped…and u won’t be amazing out of the box you gotta get used to it…so go beat the campaign and u shud he good. Only ever tried bf3 so I got no input on other games srry

  3. Okay I own this..and believe I hated myself for it..but I took the time to tweak it. Use his „optimal“ settings…go on campaign…second or third mission shud be fine…set it to 100 on pad and 60 in game sensitivity (or 50 if u want). Then play the game …it’s a bit awkward at first but as you go set the sensitivity 1 point higher each time or lower if you fine it to fast. By the time I finished I went on zeba tower and finished with a decent score best was 74 and 16 running Aug a3 with laser

  4. Hi, im planning to get this product but I dont know how to plug it in. Is it like you just plug it in to your ps3’s usb spots and its done? Or is it that you have to get a seperate product to make it work?

  5. That is the most linear part of the entire game. Except the run to the Iraqi school where you see the dog. This is not a good example for me to view.

  6. this is bass askward, if you’re willing to play on a flat surface with keyboard/mouse just play on computer, instead of this controller that emulated keyboard on console settings already adjusted for console controller. this is a keyboard pretending to be control pad pretending to be keyboard.

  7. I found this SO LAGGY!
    I tried Black Ops 2 – Fail
    Modern Warfare 3 – works well only for single player…
    well that’s my opinion, but if you really wanna try this product
    then give it a try.. $99.99 (london drugs)

  8. One thing that i would add is that the WALK button should be where the SELECT button is located. The Start/Select button couldve been placed somewhere else.

    Only gamers i can think of that would find that button useful is the CS:GO PS3 users.

  9. i just used these… had only 5mins with it, it was a lil uncomfortable for me bc i was standing up (tall) and the table was low, however. THESE ARE VERY NICE!

    Tried it on 2 games that were on display, CODBO2 & the latest bond game. Would love to know if any1 have tried it on any other shooters.

  10. I have this but mine has a camo detail paint. You will not get the 1 to 1 motion ratio like you do with PC. At first, this feels really weird and you’ll get used to the slower response. Much like how you got used to controller interface for FPS back when Halo came out, you have to stick with it and get the feel of it. Otherwise impatience will have you set back the retail price for this thing lol

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