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If You Like Cute Dog & Baby Stuff, You’ll Love This….


Our 11 month old daughter (Jaden) with her best friend (Sadie).

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  1. too cute:) reminds me of when my son was a toddler. I miss my lab and Siamese cat. I have pictures of my son taking a nap with both of them. my son would fall asleep on our dog or cat like they were his pillow and both would lay still until my son woke up.

  2. Dogs are amazing my old dog was like that with my nepthews just shows what can happen if you love your dog like a member of the family they become one and love back.

  3. There is this new thing as well called glasses >> I said they are not human and they stick their noses everywhere doesn’t matter how many time’s you give them a bath .

  4. yeah, i know. there cool right? i think i have owned a pair since first grade. and guess what, you stick your hands everywhere. you know how much bacteria is living on your keyboard your typing on? on the things you use everyday? plus, there is anti-bacterial soap for babies, so if you use that, it removes most of the "germs".

  5. Let your dog lick other dog anuses, eat what ever the fuck he finds and then let him lick your child. Bad parenting…

  6. Wtf. Why would baby be happy in box of glass? There are billion ways to make your baby happy and sad.
    Animal is animal, human is human. If you think animals are like humans you can eat with an animal on floor too…
    people today…

  7. Amazing! I love dogs play with baby 🙂 take a look my adorable Dog Flipping Out Over Dinner! , Please Like it if my dog is cute and made you laughing :)**

  8. Although the mouth of a typical dog is full of bacteria, it’s "species specific." So, if a dog were to lick a person, most of the germs wouldn’t transfer. "Bottom line — you’re more likely to get a serious illness from kissing a person than kissing a dog. Look it up. This is not bad parenting at all. Blah I’m on my phone so I can’t respond to individual comments. I thought this was cute.

  9. because close-minded people wouldn’t bare to own a dog when they have a baby in the house ( God forbid the dog acts like in this video! they think) but oh well to each their own.

  10. keep your baby in a box made of glass so no one and nothing can touch him and see how happy he will be..not!
    the video was fun and hearing that baby laugh was awesome. its parents like u who grow kids into being sick all the time and with fear of touching an animal- and that is just sad for them.

  11. well do u put a helmet on your kid’s head when he goes out for a walk? just in case someone hits him with a bat in his head? or do u put him a gas mask for when he’s out because the air is so polluted? protecting him this much as u do will only make him get sick all the time. when u own a dog and it has all the shots done i don’t see a problem in a little love-showing( u can wash the baby’s hands after but until then enjoy this video and please don’t overwhelm us with worries)

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