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Game Fails – Fails Of The Year 2011


Jack and Geoff look over the most liked videos on our GameFails channel ( ) and grab the 10 most YouTube liked. Enjoy!

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  1. Why do people say that YOU HAVE TO BE WATCHING IT NOW!!! You can’t go back in time and watch something that doesn’t have what you’re talking about!!! So of course we’re watching in 2013!!!

  2. cool.i never got to finish the was pretty cool for what i seen of confused a couple times.

  3. Oh, so you offended me because I offended him, now that makes sense. I am sorry I was confused because it is humanly impossible to read your insult. Next time try using real words while trying to insult someone, it would be much appreciated. I wish you all the luck in your life, because, you know, you’re illiterate.

  4. I’m the illiterate one because you don’t understand what „pot calling the kettle black“ means. You must be a fucking moron if it’s „humanly impossible“ to read my insult. If anyone is illiterate it’s you.

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