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Cute Kitten Plays Apps On Apple Ipod


Meesha the kitten loves to play games on the Apple iPod. There are even special apps made just for curious and intelligent cats like him. The app in this video is called "cat toys." Its a free app you can download for your cat or kitten. When ever Meesha sees the ipod in someones hands, he wants to play with it.

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  2. I downloaded this app because your kitten is so precious. I was hoping my 4 year old Siamese would fall for the trick, but he just watched it for a bit and caught on. Haha

  3. I invite you all to check out my half pure-bread Siamese ragdoll kitty Otto on my profile, please 🙂  Would much appreciate some comments and ratings, too. Just getting into this whole cat youtube thing, but a long time cat lover here!

  4. Not a bit stupid! I love to shuffle a deck of cards. It relaxes me. So I keep a deck on the end-table by our couch so that I can just make that shuffely sound. Then our cat comes running and paws at them. When I put them down she places one paw on top to hold them down and tries to flip the ends with her other paw. She tries with books and magazines, too, to make the shuffle sound. Even tries it with a stack of printer paper by my computer printer. Then she looks at me for approval.

  5. when i got him he was just shy thats all…
    now he thinks i am his mom! it is cute
    your cat is soooooo cute too!!!!

  6. thx we have a good time
    he is just like a dog now he plays fetch drinks out of the sink and knows tricks…
    kind of
    how old is ur cat?
    mine i think is about 7 months old now

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