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Ufo Alien Encounter Video – Chile 1985


The man in the video is giving an interview to a reporter the interview is about a UFO crash near his home in Chile exact location is unknown, he tells the reporter that there was a loud explosion over his house and when he went to check he saw a large wreck and metallic pieces all over his land he thought it was a plane that had crashed so he hurried to see if anyone survived the accident, when he got close to the site he saw a badly burned man laying face down on the ground, he says he turned the man around and almost had a heart attack, because the man had large black eyes and looked alien, he said the being was still breathing and trying to communicate to him telepathically, the man felt that the alien being was telling him to get him out the sun, so the man carried the alien into his home and laid him on his sofa, the alien telepathically communicated to him that something major was going to happen to that part of Chile on February 27 2010 so the man wrote it down on a piece of paper. The old man says there was a lot of military activity and men dressed in black going through the wreckage near his property and he was sure that they would come to his house so he dressed the alien in his sons clothes and put him in the basement, later he went to check up on the alien and he was dead, so before the military could get him the man decided to bury the alien in his backyard. and as he continues to relate his encounter the video and audio begin to fail and in the last scenes.

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