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Charlie The Cat – Kitten Playing Ipad 2 !!! Game For Cats Cute Funny Clever Pets Bloopers


HELLO REDDIT, Thanks for the support! More Charlie the Cat Videos – Check My Other Videos Our 8 Weeks Old Kitten Charlie, Plays with the New iPad 2 ! ******UPDATE****** Wow! Never thought this video would get anywhere near the 240000+ views it has had. To answer some questions 1.No the cat never scratched the screen. It was totally fine (I dont have a screen protector either) I still use the iPad daily to tis day! 2.The game is called "Game for Cats" Yes its a game made for your cat! You can download it from the App Store for free. 3. The cat is NOT de-clawed. 4. The cat currently holds the high score in the household!

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