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15 Biggest And Funniest Harry Potter Movie Mistakes

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  1. Enjoy the fucking movies!!!!

    Who gives a shit if there are mistakes.
    If u want to critic somthing, critic your life, everything wit

  2. Note: 1st picture:Good one! Second picture:If you watch more closley in the movie ron pulls his hair back so it did look like that.3rd You really messed up. Do the poses;One side is her right, the other is her left.4th:Good.5th:It’s still the same,but the texture from differant angles looks weird.6th and 7th good.8th:Once again bad texture:Look closley.9th: His pants are soaked causing them to sag;Leaving them at an angle.

  3. Some characters were Irish and Scottish, and some Australian~ 😀 But yeah, you’re right. It would be Philosophers Stone. 😀
    *randomly commenting after I watched the vid*

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