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Spartan High School Style – Gangnam Fail – WTF


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  1. Holy shit if u can’t sing dint Fucking sing. U guys just wanna kiss the teachers Fucking ass. I’m not gonna bulltshit and say ur good when we all no ur not. Holy shit this litallery made me think about what is the point of living when there are shit and people like u everywhere. Godamn this video just pissed me the fuck off. How many people left the shool after this video? Full of shit

  2. Someone made this. Like, guys, there was a time when this was filmed and people did this. Just think about that.

  3. Funny thing is, is that this school is right next to ours and there football team blows major dick and every time they come to our school we play this lol

  4. STEP 1*: watch this video and see if you can endure to the end, suffering the maximum level of pain.
    STEP 2: watch the SRSLYSIRIUS (/user/MrSrslySirius/videos) „fixed“ version @ v=pArdV9XNtk8
    STEP 2b (concurrent with Step 2): laugh. Dammit, LAUGH! (you’ve earned it).

    *optional Step 1b: after (or during) viewing, apply brain bleach or similar

  5. It’s like a teacher in a desperate attempt to be hip and cool discovered Gangnam Style 6 months too late and found the four students in his class that needed extra credit the most.

  6. i’m greek , especially spartan . i really don’t appreciate what you did in this vid . you guys don’t know ANYTHING about sparta . so girl shut your fckn mouth , this is madness .

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