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Challenges Of Getting To Mars: Curiosity’s Seven Minutes Of Terror


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  1. Why should only europeans be proud of the work that is done on the LHC? It’s done by scientist from nations all over the world and it benefits us all. The work NASA has done is also done by scientist from all over the world. I will say though, that the american people funded and still is funding NASA, and there wouldn’t be a space program without that contribution. So America is perhaps the biggest part of nasa’s great achievements I agree, but ultimately the work is done by many nationalities.

  2. The thing is, often natiaonalism doesn’t work in science because the CERN was not build by our best people, but by the best people in the field on the planet. Same thing with NASA, it’s not the best americans of the field, it’s the best spaceships engeneers on the planet that move to the states to work for NASA.

  3. Normally nationalism is misplaced, like in war; however having pride for ones nation’s science is justified because science actually matters. High tech research is one few things that America does well. American universities are world class, so too is our research. Therefore this is an American success that benefits humanity. Because Europeans should have pride for CERN’s LHC, so too should Americans have pride for NASA’s Curiosity; for these are the great achievements of humanity.

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