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The Cutest Slow Loris Ever!!!!!


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  1. I’m in Indonesia and never have heard of this cute animal. Guess they are found in Sunda area and further up. Man, looking at this video makes me wanna study science and preserved the nature.

  2. This is horrific 🙁 HORRIFIC! Please educate each other! Tag every one of these videos with Slow loris in them so that people learn. Slow Loris are one of many animals that should never be domesticated however this PARTICULAR animal will usually die when kept in captivity. Their suffering is long and harsh. THere is only ONE place for a SLOW LORIS and that is with its family… in the forest it was born in 🙁 HORRIBLE DO NOT DESTROY another one of these endangered pets… leave them alone! 🙁

  3. „They are not made to be pets, they are animals that should be let to live in their natural environment.“ – so are dogs, cats and any other animals for that matter. Every „pet“ is animal cruelty.

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