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Giant Great White Shark Hits Boat In Hd


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  1. I didn’t say they weren’t. I mean honestly I don’t know if that is true or not, but it very well could be. All I know is that bull sharks have a much deeper chest and much bulkier than great whites, which are more slim and streamline.

  2. No it’s not. I’ve done a lot of research on bull sharks, great whites,and tigers and wrote a story on it. This shark has a grey top and a white bottom, a very sharp snout, and the sharp and curved fin of a great white.

  3. I don’t get you guys. If you’re used to sharks in these waters, don’t you know that when a shark is circling a boat that it’s making a plan to attack? After 3 rotations, I’d be out of there !!

  4. yes, your grammar and English is very bad. Here’s why:
    1) it’s US not us.
    2) … is not punctuation.
    3) it’s I not i
    4) it’s you not u
    5) you fail to capitalise at the start of your last sentence.

    So yeah, he’s right, you can’t spell or use grammar properly.

    Oh, and if you think the US president is a marxist you’re also an idiot.

  5. i have to laugh…nobody see the shit ?

    If that shark just open 1 time the mouth this boat and the peeps are on the bottom of the ocean.. its made of rubber[air] compartments.. 😉 and they ask them self why is he making cirkels.. ghehe yeah stupid sharks heeey..;)

  6. Why in the world would you even be tempted to shoot this animal? I’m wondering why you didn’t just start the boat and move along; leaving the shark to exist in its natural habitat. I’m from Wrightsville Beach, and I’m sad to think that such a glorious animal might have been harmed by locals.

  7. Not a bad video. People say things look bigger in person and I found out for a fact that it’s true. The shark looked big on video so it had to have been huge in person.

  8. I believe in the right to life of all creatures. They should have their own space and we need to respect it. With that being said, If I had been on that boat, I would have been absolutely terrified and in awh at the same time. Just thinking about it makes my heart race. However, if I was in true fear for my life and it came down to either me or the fish, I would NOT have to ask if shooting it was legal first. I have never seen one of these but someday hope to in a safe setting for both of us.

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